Seven Signs

Sometimes we come across blogs written by our candidates that we think is worthy of sharing. Here is one of those – written by Anca  Borza currently looking for a new role as an Office / Business Manager.

Here are seven signs that the person in front of you right now is your next hire. I use hire in a broader sense that includes short-term collaborations and longer-term contract work.

Working with someone is like dating. Or I should say, finding the right person to do the job is like dating. You have your expectations, they have theirs, you meet, chat for a while and then decide if you both want to move things further along. I could have entitled this post “Seven signs that the person you are interviewing is a catch”.

Here are the seven signs that you should hire someone.

1. They have their own hobbies and life goals.

You want to work with someone who has aspirations of their own. They are passionate about something, they plan an exciting future to look forward to, and they will invest their time and energy in that goal. They are ambitious and know what they want, both from life in general, and from work in particular.

2. You don’t feel anxious about asking them for something.

It is very important that you work with someone you’re comfortable with. We spend about one third of our day at work, most of the times more than what we are spending with our significant other. In the course of your collaboration, you will be in a position to ask things of them. You have to be comfortable doing so. Treat your collaborator as an equal and learn from them, which brings me to my next sign.

3. You have something to learn from them in a field that interests you.

Long ago I decided that I only want to work for someone smarter than me. But then (not to sound too presumptuous), I realised that, in some areas (and in the areas that counted), I knew more than my boss! It was basically the reason why I got hired! The same goes for your collaborators: in any one particular field, they will know more than you do and it is finding out what this is, that is interesting.

4. Your core priorities and values match.

As in any other type of relationship, values and priorities play an important role. In order to function well together, your priorities and values should align, be it integrity, discipline, accountability or diligence.

5. You have similar definition of work/life balance.

Your business or your employment is not your life. Yes, we all spend a lot of time at work, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot step away from it when other things come into play. We all have (or should have) a life outside of work and we should respect the mutual boundaries.

6. They prefer to work with others.

Not only they work well with others, but they actually prefer to do so. You should hire people who are sociable and who can work and function well in your team. During the interview (or networking) process, you can figure out if their communication skills are up to par. Working together is about cooperation and collaboration.

7. They would pass the ‘airport test’.

The ‘airport test’, also known as the travelling companion test, is the last question on your interview list. And it’s not for the potential employee or consultant, but for you. Ask yourself this question: ‘If my team and I were stuck in an airport with this candidate for an entire day, would we be able to stand her/him by the end of it?” If the answer is yes, then there’s your answer. It should be the deciding test of welcoming someone into your team and company culture.

So now that you are armed with this handy checklist, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, go out and meet new people, ‘date’ them, recruit them, and enjoy it!


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