Attune Jobs is a jobs board specialising in professional part-time jobs and flexible working roles

We are specialists in recruiting for law and professional services roles, with a wide range of roles, from management to administrative and secretarial.

We are here to respond to the changing needs of the both the modern workplace and the candidate, with both employers and candidates now seeking flexible work for many reasons – caring and parental responsibilities, time to study, or just a better work / life balance.

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Why offer flexible working?

  • Employees who work flexibly are known to be more productive and engaged
  • Jobs with flexibility are good for work-life balance but also the bottom line, and the stats confirm this – 36% would choose it over a pay rise.
  • Jobs with flexibility are also good for retention, as those working flexibly tend to be more loyal and efficient. And that means less cost for replacement hires as well.
  • Generation Ys and Millennials are proven to be increasingly attracted to companies with flexible work arrangements.
  • Employees who work flexibly are proven to be more productive and engaged.

Why advertise with us?

  • We are specialists in flexible jobs working solely in the legal and professional services sectors
  • We are the only jobsite dedicated to sourcing best business services talent for flexible working in the legal sector
  • We attract new talent for you … candidates who may not already have a law background but have the right skills and would not otherwise find your vacancies
  • We help to publicise your flexible working practices and make you stand out from the competition
  • We promote your firm as an employer of choice, who attracts the best talent using best practices
  • We provide a platform that makes applying for roles simple, effective and measurable.
  • We can provide you with regular guidance, advice and updates on making flexible work successful for both firms and employees