Flexible working jobs for legal and professional services

Attune Flexible Jobs is a job site specialising in part-time and flexible working vacancies. We are the only job site dedicated to supporting recruitment for business services functions in Law and Professional Services firms, including:

  • Finance jobs
  • HR jobs
  • IT jobs
  • Marketing & Business Development jobs
  • Other general and bespoke roles.

Why we do it

We recognise that working patterns are changing and demand is high. There are already a number of Law firms who have created flexible resourcing companies for Lawyers and have seen its success.

We want to give candidates better access to high quality part-time and flexible roles within the Legal Sector whilst providing our Clients with highly skilled candidates who may otherwise have been missed because of their flexible working requirements.

For Law Firms wanting to recruit the best within their business services teams, flexible working is another consideration needed to take place to recruit the best talent. The demand is highest in women with childcare responsibilities but there are changes with increasing requests from men and an ageing population many who want to work flexibly.

To have the ‘flexible’ conversation early on in the hiring process can only be beneficial to both parties – we only ever advertise genuine part-time and flexible working roles so open and honest discussions can take place from the offset.

What is part-time and flexible working?

The terms part-time and flexible working can mean different things to different people. From our perspective, we offer vacancies that cover the following types of flexible working:

  • Part-time jobs
  • Full-time, but perhaps dropping the children to school 3 days a week so late in to the office. We advertise these as Open to flexibility – candidates can discuss with the employer what would suit both parties
  • Full-time, but perhaps 3 days in the office and 2 from home. We advertise these as Open to flexibility – candidates can discuss with the employer what would suit both parties
  • Fixed Term Contract roles
  • Interim roles
  • Job-sharing possibilities
  • Remote working jobs
  • Home based working jobs

There are a number of reasons why a candidate might want a part-time or flexible working role. We try to understand these objectives and offer roles that support the candidate and the employer, whatever their causes:

  • Childcare responsibilities
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Reducing time spent commuting
  • Preference for working from home just to be more efficient
  • Supporting a secondary role, such as volunteering or even as an NED
  • Supporting sporting ambitions
  • Continuing studies and part-time education
  • Allowing time for other professional development ambitions
  • Healthcare

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