Feedback from our ‘How to create a winning CV’ Webinar plus our next one …

Last week we hosted a Webinar with specialists City CV on how to create a winning CV. We have had some great feedback including:

“I would like to congratulate you on putting on such a useful and practical event. I really felt like it was a valuable investment of my time. It was also delivered really well!” 

“Thank you for recommending the CV webinar last Wednesday.  I have found the recording really helpful”.

“I really like the interaction element.  I wanted to have lots of advice and tips and that is what I got”.

So look out for our next Webinar on ‘How to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile’ – 19th September at 12.30pm.

It will include:

  • What LinkedIn is and how it works
  • What LinkedIn can do for you and why it is so important
  • Building and managing your network
  • Using LinkedIn to support your job search

You can register here

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