10 great interview questions to ask your future employer

We often get asked “What questions should I ask my future employer?” – perhaps because it’s the last opportunity to really stand out, given that questions usually come at the end of the interview. Here are our tips for success…

Remember an interview is a two-way process, so it’s is important you find out as much about them as they do about you. And the more you know the better prepared you will be to decide whether you would like to work for them. However, try to ask questions that you can’t find with one or two clicks on Google. You want to be able to use your time wisely.

It is important that at the same time that you are preparing for all the questions you might be asked by a future employer, you also spend some time thinking about what you want to ask them. This is a good time to find out whether this is the kind of company that you want to work for but also that you have given it some thought, which will impress the interviewer. Try to ask questions that will combine an interest in both the company and the job.

If you have done your research properly, you will probably already have a better idea of a few pertinent questions. But a few of these might also propel you in the right direction:

  1. What targets will I have to meet in the short, medium, and long term?
  2. What are the main objectives for this role?
  3. What are the prospects for promotion or extending my experience?
  4. What are the training opportunities? Can people develop here?
  5. Are there any problems or obstacles I am likely to encounter in the first 3, 6 or 12 months?
  6. What’s the working environment and culture of the company? (I see you have won X award).
  7. How would you describe the management style?
  8. Where will the job fit into the team structure?
  9. What are the department / company plans for the future? How has this changed in the past 12 months?
  10. You have recently introduced a new product/service/division/project, how will this benefit the organisation?

And a simple question to finish.  When can I expect to hear from you and what are the next steps?  It can sometimes take the hiring manager a while to come to a decision or there may be a few people being interviewed over a few weeks and for more senior roles over a few months, so the process can take a while. Having an idea of when decisions and next steps are likely to take place is a good one.

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